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3 everyday items that make packing easier

Packing becomes less of a chore with three simple shortcuts using everyday items.
/ Source: TODAY

Packing is so fun, says no one ever! Though there is a secret (and admirable) science to optimizing the space in a suitcase or weekend bag with everything you need, there's always ways to improve upon this chore.

Thankfully, we've discovered some time and stress-saving tips that will help you pack the right way the first time. With the help of TODAY Tastemaker Francesco Bilotto, we discovered creative new uses for everyday items that will help the next time you prepare to pack.

3 everyday items that make packing easier

1. A magazine

A plain old magazine can actually become a handy helper when it comes to folding a dress shirt. This retail hack makes it easy to perfectly fold the shirt, but in a way that keeps it wrinkle-free and ready to wear.

Here's how to do it:

  • Place your shirt face down, and place the magazine in the top back of the shirt between the sleeves.
  • Fold in the left part of the shirt and then fold the right part of the shirt in. Fold the sleeves so they lay flat, and if the sleeves are long, just angle them down.
  • Fold the bottom of the shirt up.
  • Slide your magazine out. It's now ready to pack!

Bonus tip: To take it a step further, roll up a belt and place it in the collar of your shirt. It will keep it the collar sharp and straight.

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2. An empty eyeglass case

Everyone has an extra eyeglass case at home. These come in especially handy for packing because they're light, portable, and are structured to be protective. We use ours for carrying jewelry, watches and small baubles and rings.

3. Plastic storage bags

Ziploc baggies are a traveler's best friend. Think about it: they're perfect for organizing, they're light and portable and they are TSA-friendly. Use one for your keys and loose change and use another for your phone charger. You'll be able to see what you need at all times while keeping it organized and protected from water.

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