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The 16 prettiest and most colorful indoor flowering plants

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Offering tropical foliage, bright blooms and even fruit, these varieties are some of the prettiest indoor plants available. As a bonus, many are super-easy to grow or have air-purifying qualities—so snap up your faves from the garden center and get started!

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Wandering Jew

Difficulty level: Easy

Why you want it: The stripey purple leaves on this trailing houseplant make for such a pretty pop of color. This plant prefers full sun—the more light it gets, the more purple you’ll see, according to the blog Plants Are the Strangest People. Keep the soil wet for best results.

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Phalaenopsis Orchid

Difficulty level: Moderate

Why you want it: This classic orchid has long sprays of large white flowers that are well known for their elegant, sophisticated look on coffee or side tables—or anywhere! There are many species of this plant, which favors bright, indirect sunlight and humid conditions, according to Just Add Ice Orchids.

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Difficulty level: Very easy

Why you want it: If you love the splashy, bright look of geraniums in the garden, try one indoors. Varieties like ivy geraniums are easy to grow and have blooms in vibrant colors. These plants favor bright light, the better the light, the more they’ll flower. Don’t overwater, advises Garden Guides, given that geraniums thrive when the soil dries out between waterings.

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Difficulty level: Moderate

Why you want it: The fragrance that wafts from the white or pink flowers on jasmine plants can be downright intoxicating. The plants are vining, so you can train them into pretty topiaries indoors. According to Life on the Balcony, jasmine prefers bright, filtered light and a bit of humidity—so a bathroom could be just right.

George Rose/Contributor/Getty Images News

Ponderosa Lemon

Difficulty level: Moderate

Why you want it: Who doesn’t love the aroma and look of a citrus tree? Ponderosa lemon, which produces large, juicy fruits with bumpy peels, is among the varieties that can grow well indoors under the right conditions, according to SFGate Home Guides. Water deeply just a couple of times a week and fertilize each spring, and you’ll have not only a pretty plant but also a source of a common recipe ingredient—not to mention cocktail garnish!

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African Violet

Difficulty level: Easy

Why you want it: These flowering houseplants are a snap to maintain and bloom with pretty flowers all year long. They come in tons of colors and varieties, from pale pink to white. You’ll have the most success with indirect or filtered light, according to Weekend Gardener—and lay off the overwatering!

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Difficulty level: Easy

Why you want it: For a pretty pop of green anywhere around the house, this is a hardy and quick-growing plant with visually interesting leaves that can have spots or stripes. (It’s also known as “dumb cane” for the effects of its toxic sap—so use caution.) It favors moderate to low light and moderate to heavy watering, according to the blog Houseplant Care Tips.

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Difficulty level: Moderate

Why you want it: You know hibiscus adds a tropical feel to outdoor gardens—but did you know it grows great indoors too? The huge flowers don’t last long, but they’re lovely and come in shades of orange, red, yellow, pink and more. Keep the soil moist but not too wet, advises Garden Guides.

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Difficulty level: Challenging

Why you want it: The flowering version of this plant has pretty red or yellow blooms that conjure lush, tropical gardens. Try one in your home if you can provide bright light and low to moderate watering, according to the Houseplant Care Tips blog.

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Cape Primrose

Difficulty level: Easy

Why you want it: The pretty flowers on this plant come in an array of colors and look bright and cheerful on a kitchen windowsill. Find versions of this flowering plant in purple, red, white and more. Cape primrose, also known as streptocarpus, does well in normal to cold room conditions, according toAmateur Gardening. Just be careful not to overwater.

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Difficulty level: Easy

Why you want it: Small white flowers complement the purplish leaves on this shamrock-like plant. Water only when the soil is dry to the touch or the plant starts to droop. Oxalis thrive in sunny to partly sunny conditions, according to Home Rehab.

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Golden Pothos

Difficulty level: Very easy

Why you want it: Also known as Devil’s Ivy, this vining plant has pretty marbled leaves and a visually interesting yellow hue. It’s easy to grow and has an air-purifying quality. It thrives in bright, filtered light—the yellow patterns on the leaves become more pronounced in brighter light, according to the Flower Shop Network blog.

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Difficulty level: Moderate

Why you want it: If you love this pretty flowering plant outdoors, why not give it a shot inside as well? Choose one of the many varieties best suited to your home’s conditions for a splash of pretty color in a window or on a coffee table. Brad’s Begonia World suggests using fluorescent lights to control the conditions; they should run about 14 hours per day if possible. Let the surface of the soil dry slightly between waterings.

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Peace Lily

Difficulty level: Very Easy

Why you want it: One of the prettiest indoor plants is also one of the easiest to grow and maintain (not to mention one of the most widely available). In many varieties, the curved white flowers bloom year round. Bonus: It also has an air-purifying quality. Peace lily can thrive in lower lighting conditions, meaning it can do well almost anywhere around the house, according to the Houseplant Care Tips blog. Water heavily. And keep away from kids and pets, as this plant is toxic.

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Yellow Goddess Amaryllis

Difficulty level: Easy

Why you want it: Talk about a cheery pop of color! This lovely plant has pretty trumpet-shaped yellow blooms, and a relatively compact size for easy placement around the house. It does well in bright, indirect light according to the blog Cozy Bliss.

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Flowering Maple

Difficulty level: Moderate

Why you want it: With the right care, you’ll almost always find delicate flowers blooming on this pretty plant. In yellows, pinks, oranges and yellows, they pop from leaves reminiscent of its namesake maple tree. This plant likes filtered sun and evenly moist soil, according to the Garden Helper.

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