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16 things you need if your bathroom is a mess

Plus, four steps to help you stay organized all year long.
/ Source: TODAY

Most of us begin and end our days in the bathroom — so having an organized space can have a huge impact on your day. While organizing everything at once can seem overwhelming, it really only takes four steps to make sure that everything is in its right place.

  1. Purge:Start by taking out anything not essential to daily life out of the bathroom. Dispose of expired makeup and medications, and remove anything that you don't actually use.
  2. Regroup: Try organizing like things with each other — keep toothbrushes, toothpaste, and floss in one spot, and keep all the hair tools together in another place.
  3. Relocate: Once you've regrouped everything, put it in the spot that makes the most sense — for example, put makeup in a space near the drawer, keep spare toilet paper near the toilet, and keep wash cloths near the sink or tub.
  4. Maintain: The hardest step can be maintenance — but if you always keep everything in the same place, you'll be able to save plenty of time, since everything will be where you left it.

To help get a jump start on the organizational process, Lifestyle Expert Elizabeth Mayhew stopped by TODAY with recommendations to help achieve the spa-like bathroom of your dreams.

Places to Organize

Chances are you aren't taking full advantage of the space offered in your bathroom. Even if your counters are cluttered or your drawers full, there are plenty of places where you can find some extra bathroom storage space.

Under Sink Organization Starter Kit

Maximize counter space by installing an under-the-sink organizer. This four-piece kit makes the most of your space with a hanging set of shelves and several organizational bins.

Stackable Under Sink Organization Kit

This essential kit includes several clear stackable bins, which allow for easy organization and provide plenty of room for odds and ends.

Adhesive Command Hooks

If you have a vanity, try putting these hooks on the back of the door and using them to hold tools like brushes and hair dryers. Sturdy and able up to five pounds, this multipack of hooks is great for making space quickly.

Elfa Utility Bathroom Door and Wall Rack Solution

This heavy-duty rack from the Container Store gives you plenty of extra room for essentials, and it's easy to install.

Over-the-Toilet Storage Cabinet

The space above your toilet is valuable and oft-neglected storage real estate! Try this cabinet from Wayfair, which helps give you plenty of room for bathroom necessities.

Floating Wall Shelves

If you don't want to do a full cabinet, try these stylish wall shelves. Organize them with cute baskets to cut down on the clutter!

Monogrammed Towel Hooks

Try replacing towel bars with hooks to increase the amount of wall space available. We love these monogram options, so you can assign a hook to each family member!

Monogrammed Towels

These glamorous white towels bring the bathroom to a whole new level, and you'll always know who left their towel on the floor instead of the hamper.

Tension Shower Caddy

This shower caddy is easy to install, giving you plenty of room to store soaps and shampoos.

Cabinet Organizer with Drawer

Try putting one of these organizers in your medicine cabinet to help corral loose items.

Flexible Magnetic Tape

If you're looking for a more DIY solution, try installing strips of magnetic tape to the inside of your medicine cabinet. Small items like nail clippers, tweezers, and hair pins will stick to it, helping declutter shelves and drawers.

Things to Organize

Sometimes, it can be hard to find room for various odds and ends like makeup, medication, and bathroom supplies.

Expandable Makeup Organizer

This organizer takes up as much space as you need it to, and its wide, easily-accessible shape is perfect for making sure your daily makeup is within reach.

Shallow Drawer Organizers

For those with bigger makeup collections, these organizers can help divide up even the most cluttered drawers.

Hair Tool Station

This wooden storage unit is great when you're looking to store bulky or awkward items like curling irons, brushes, sprays, and gels.

Under Sink Hair Tool Storage

This under-the-sink door caddy has a specific spot to hold a hair dryer, while still leaving room for other styling tools and products.

Apothecary Jars

Things like cotton balls and bobby pins can be hard to store, so try displaying them in glass jars like these to add an elegant touch.

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