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12 of the best planners for 2020, according to someone who uses them every day

These will help you set a goal and stick to it!
/ Source: TODAY

I have been using a planner for about 10 years, and I would be lost without it. I color-code my tasks, use stickers and write bulleted lists weekly in the "notes" section. Yes, I'm that person.

This is a random weekly view of my 2018 planner.
This is a random weekly view of my 2018 planner.Courtesy Kayla Boyd

If one of your goals for 2020 was to get more organized, it's not too late to start.

One of the best ways to begin is by learning how to keep track of your plans, goals and responsibilities. Filling out a planner may feel like just another thing to do on top of your already busy day, but I've found that setting some time aside to just get my week or day planned can help me feel more prepared and together. It can also help ensure that I don't forget about dinner dates I made with my best friend or groceries on my list.

There are many different kinds of planners to fit whatever your needs may be. Whether you need a desk calendar to organize your work day or a daily planner that fits in your purse to detail your busy life, it's important to find a format that motivates you and helps you stay on track.

Here are our favorite planners that will help you get and stay organized for 2020, from your home to your office to your next vacation.

Daily & Weekly Planners

Daily or weekly views are great for those who are detail-oriented or just really busy. If you are trying to keep track of multiple kids' practices, work meetings and doctor appointments, this is probably what you need.

1. Jumbo Planner

This planner features an elastic closure, a three year view and a sticker sheet!

2. 2020 Soft Cover Daily Planner

Not only does this planner have a gorgeous cover, but it also features a monthly and weekly view with plenty of space to keep track of a busy schedule.

3. Floral Green 2020 Planner

This planner features both daily and monthly views. It has a very pretty and stylish design.

4. Patterned Daily Planner

This fashionable planner comes in multiple print options. It features a page for every day of the year, plus extra space for notes and doodles.

Monthly Planners

Monthly views are a nice way to organize upcoming events like weddings, concerts or birthdays. If you want to get organized, but you're not into the idea of writing down every little task, then this is a great option. Many monthly planners also include weekly views as well.

1. Bloom Daily All-in-One Monthly & Weekly Undated Planner

This planner has it all. Monthly view, weekly view, grids and notebook pages. It can help get your life together. And it's not dated, so you can actually start it whenever you're ready.

2. 2020 Dots Mini Booklet Planner

This adorable planner includes monthly and yearly views and even has extra pages for notes.

3. 2020 Large Planner

I personally use and love planners. This one features an appointment book and three pages of stickers!

Bullet Journals

For the more creative and artistic souls out there, bullet journaling can turn into a full-on hobby. There are tons of Pinterest boards and YouTube channels dedicated to building all different kinds of pages and trackers that are customized to your own specific life and goals.

1. Bullet Journal Notebook

This bullet journal includes tons of dotted pages, a blank key and a blank index.

2. Berry Bullet Journal

This bright bullet journal is perfect for the creative! It also has an expandable pocket and a table of contents.

Desk Calendars

If a planner seems like too big of a commitment, but you still want to get organized professionally, then a desk calendar may be the right move.

1. Bloom Daily 2019 Desk or Wall Calendar

This desk calendar is filled with elegant floral designs that will brighten up your work area all year long.

2. Monthly Desk Pad Calendar

For those who want something very simple just to keep track of meetings and phone calls, this desk calendar is a good option. Plus, it's inexpensive.

Travel Planners

If you have a lot of trips planned for the new year than you may even want to consider a travel planner.

1. "I'm Outta Here" Travel Planner

This handy dandy travel planner includes not only a day planner, but also a packing list page, travel tips, postcards, a world map and more.

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