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The best Halloween decorations and gadgets for a haunted-looking home

These products are Halloween #ghouls.
/ Source: TODAY

If ever there's a holiday where subtlety and some semblance of good taste go out the window, it's Halloween.

Yes, of course, you can buy hand-blown glass candles, and dainty door wreaths. Or, you can live like my family, where every year, on Oct. 1 we make our annual pledge to load up on everything that rhymes with snugly. And by that, I mean things that are loud, things that light up 900 different ways, and things that are meant to delightfully horrify my son and his friends.

Gadget expert Steve Greenberg swooped in to highlight some of the wildest themed gadgets for this important holiday. Be advised that the bloody stump is an annual hit, and generally hard to find because they sell out fast. And don't forget that Halloween candy!

Outdoor and yard Halloween decorations

Creepy Lantern Pathway Markers, $27, Spirit Halloween

These give your walkway a very eerie vibe.

Spider Web LED Light Show Projector, $25, Spirit Halloween

Spin a spooky web with this projector! We're also fans of this black and white web projector too.

Color Changing Skull Lights, $4, Monoprice

Halloween doesn't have to be all about orange and black. This multi-color strand of skulls adds a rainbow hue to the holiday.

Ghostly Tricycle Animatronics, $90, Spirit Halloween

This devious trike moves by itself, and emits scary ghost noises.

CHEMION Unique Bluetooth LED Glasses, $69, Amazon

So this isn't outdoor decor per se, but you'll be wearing these outside. Trick or treat? Good question!

Haunted House EZ Pumpkin, $10+, EZ Pumpkin

If a lack of artistic skill leaves your jack-o-lantern looking less than impressive, this could be the solution. Simply cut out a hole in the front of the pumpkin, drop in a light and pop in the EZ pumpkin design. Neighbors will call you the van Gogh of gourds.

Halloween Pumpkin String Lights, $18, Amazon

No more wasting batteries. We hang these solar-powered pumpkins outside our house every year and they stay charged all month. Why? Because they charge during the day and then stay lit all night.

Crazy Bonez Posable Skeleton Decoration, $25, Amazon

This classic is a perpetual hit. No Halloween decor setup is complete without a skeleton.

1byone Halloween Light Projector, $45, Amazon

Our neighbors have this running all month. It's delightfully scary for the kids and it's easy for adults to manage.

ONEDONE Terror Severed Bloody Fake Arm, $13, Amazon

Yes, this is more than slightly gross. And, it's also why my son and his friends are entirely obsessed.

Fun World Super Stretch Spider Web for Halloween, $11, Amazon

You need serious patience to take these down. But they stay up all month and do their job of looking like real-ish spider webs.

Vinyl Skull, $10, Spirit Halloween

Trust me when I tell you, these will freak people out.

Styrofoam Tombstone Assortment with LED Illumination, $14, Home Depot

Scatter these throughout your front yard to fake-scare the neighborhood kiddos who will love every minute of it.

National Tree 11.6" Owl Lantern with LED Lights, $22, Amazon

This flickers like a real, and really spooky, candle flame. Hang it up inside for an extra scary vibe.

One Holiday Lane Mini LED Light-up Color-Changing Ghost House, $20, Amazon

This color-changing haunted house is perfect for younger kids who may not have a tolerance for faux severed hands, but still want to be spooked.

Halloween house decorations

Opaque Green Mini Halloween with Pumpkins and Ghosts with 50 Lights, $14, Wayfair

Oh but wait, you wanted ghosts too, you said? Boo! And if you want to go classy and upscale, these delicate gold LED pumpkins with mercury glass finish are for you.

JOYIN 3 Pack Halloween Pumpkin Jack O Lantern Necklace, $12, Amazon

Would you believe (of course you would) that, after hundreds of dollars spent on decor, THIS is what my kid and his friends loved most. Tylenol not included.

Animated Eyeball Crystal Ball Halloween Decoration, $29, Walmart

Kids are not picky. OK, they sort of are. This one is eye-opening. And was a massive hit with my son and his cavalcade of friends. Fortunately, there's an off-switch.

Kitch Aroma Marble Black Flameless Candles, $28, Amazon

Orange is the new black. Quite literally. And much safer than real, actual candles.

Day of the Dead Throw Pillow, $13, Wayfair

If this doesn't scream Halloween, we're at a loss.

Bronze Antique Solar LED Skull Decor, $11, Christmas Tree Shops and That

Now, isn't this a lovely face to wake up to every morning?

FANTASTIC CRAFT LED Orange Light Twig Tree, $59, Nordstrom

Grownups, this is for you. It's elegant. It lights up. And, it's fabulous.

Halloween door decorations

Halloween Haunters Animated Dog Skull Head Barking Front Door Knocker, $13, Amazon

The hideous light-up goblin we bought for our door is sold out, so we found this alternative because who wouldn't find it appealing? Especially given its light-up red eyes.

Spooky Halloween Door Cover Halloween Decoration, $7, Walmart

This pretty much says it all, and sends a scary message.

14" Hanging Glitter Spider Halloween Decoration, $3, Jet

Arachnophobia is in full effect with this arthropod, but the glitter adds a nice touch.

Philips Halloween Battery Operated LED Dewdrop Lights, $6, Target

These 30 LED dewdrop lights have a flexible wire and can be shaped around what you want.

Halloween window decorations

Pumpkin Grin Halloween Window Cling Sheet, $1, Walmart

We load up on these every year, for every holiday. They're easy, fun, cheap and simple to remove.

Halloween Giant Skeleton Ghoul, $14, Target

Hang this bad boy up for some undead vibes in your living room windows.

Lighted Happy Halloween Window Decoration, $18, Walmart

Show your good cheer with these happy lights.

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