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Check out the first 7 days of Adriene Mishler's yoga challenge

Whether you're a yoga guru or just looking to try something new, give this challenge a try.
/ Source: TODAY

If your New Year's resolutions involved more time exercising, working on mindfulness or just generally trying to bring a little more inner peace to your life, yoga teacher Adriene Mishler has your back.

The popular yogi and YouTube personality started 2020 by presenting the sixth year of her "30 Days of Yoga With Adriene" video series. Each day in January, she posted a new video of a simple but effective yoga routine with step-by-step instructions — and frequent cameos from her dog, Benji!

"I spent a lot of time designing (the routines) so that you can show up at any level in any mood, because to commit to something for 30 days, there are days you simply don't want to do," Mishler told TODAY earlier in January when our own Harry Smith committed to the challenge.

"The goal is to show up anyway. I try to create a series where you can show up as you are, and even if you just breathe on the mat, that's enough."

If you're interested in giving Mishler's routines a try or testing out the challenge, check out the first seven days below!

Day 1: Recognize

Day 2: Intend

Day 3: Awaken

Day 4: Activate

Day 5: Soften

Day 6: Ignite

Day 7: Stretch

Continue Mishler's full challenge by following the whole "30 Days of Yoga With Adriene" series on YouTube!