3 ways to find workout motivation when you'd rather give up

/ Source: TODAY
By Jenna Wolfe

It’s hard enough to make time to exercise, so it’s frustrating when you feel yourself losing your mojo halfway through your workout.

Maybe you’re tired from a long day at work. the gym’s super crowded or you’re hungry. Whatever the reason, you want to get the most out of your workout so it’s to your benefit to hang in there.

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Provided you don't have a legitimate reason to quit, like being so hungry you might pass out from low blood sugar, try these three ways to keep going when you’d rather give up.

1. Focus on each step or rep

Whether you’re running, biking or taking a class, think of each step or pedal stroke to take your mind off any discomfort. Try to relax the muscles you’re not using. Feel how your foot hits the ground and how your body moves. If you’re listening to music synchronize yourself to the beat.

2. Visualize your goals

Keep going by thinking about the way you’ll feel and look once you achieve your goals. Or maybe it’s an event you’re looking forward to attending or a dress you want to fit in for a reunion or wedding — see it in your mind to keep going!

3. Talk to yourself

Instead of thinking to yourself, “This hurts,” or “This is so hard!” turn it around. Tell yourself, “I feel great,” or “I can do this!” You can also pick a motivating word that makes you smile or inspires you and repeat that word to yourself whenever you feel like quitting.

Or course when you’re really tired these tips are easier said than done. But if you get into the habit of motivating yourself through tough days you’ll be much more likely to make exercise a habit for life!

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This story was originally published on March 9 at 8:08 p.m