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Sweatin' with your sweetie might not be such a great idea after all

It may seem like a great idea to work out with someone you love, but the results may not prove so beneficial.
/ Source: TODAY

It seems like a no-brainer to want to hang out with the person you love while getting a workout. But according to a new article in the Wall Street Journal, sweating with your sweetie is not always healthy after all — for the relationship.

There are myriad reasons why this might be so. The article quotes fitness coach Bruce Brown as saying he hears both male and female clients getting suspicious that their significant other wants to get buff to impress someone else.

There's also a "feel bad" factor for not measuring up.

"Often, the other person feels threatened because their own fitness and weight management is horrible and they'll just look worse if their partner is getting healthier and in better shape," said Brown.

Finding time is another issue, the Wall Street Journal noted, pointing to Stephanie and James Freeman. The couple tried to find ways to get in shape together, finally deciding on a half-hour walk each evening. It didn't last.

"He would go out for walks and forget to tell me," Stephanie explained.

Instead, they decided to be competitive about getting fit and only occasionally work out together.

"You get to do what you want at your pace, and the competition pushes you," said James.

Perhaps what it boils down to is finding away to share the sweat equity ... and also to know when to burn up the calories solo.

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