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'Home Edit' star Clea Shearer shares raw post about first day of chemo

The organizing pro just completed a milestone in her breast cancer journey.

Clea Shearer is giving her followers a raw look at her chemotherapy journey.

The co-founder of home-organizing and interior-design brand The Home Edit, who revealed in April that she was diagnosed with breast cancer, is currently undergoing chemo after recovering from a double mastectomy.

Shearer, 40, who stars with co-founder Joanna Teplin in the Netflix show "Get Organized with the Home Edit," shared a photo of her first day of chemo and revealed how she was feeling in the days leading up to that first treatment.

“As the day approached, I started sleeping less, worrying more, and even had one big tantrum last night that I can only describe as a child who’s next in line for a huge roller coaster, and last minute screams, ‘I can’t do this!! Let me off!’” she wrote.

Shearer has a strong support system, and she said her loved ones let her cry it out as long as she needed to.

"When I was done, I picked myself up, took a walk with the kids, and laughed at (her son) Sutton’s jokes. There’s no better medicine than a walk and a laugh," she explained.

When it came time for her transfusion, Shearer came prepared with a plethora of blankets, snacks and supplies and also brought her husband and mother with her.

"It doesn’t help with the nerves that this treatment is called the Red Devil. When this is all over with, I’m going to work on a rebrand… that name sucks," she wrote.

Once her treatment began, the mother of two settled in and watched some TV and read a book. Afterward, she braced herself for whatever side effects may come.

"And now I get to play the very fun game of: 'Is this a side effect?' for the next 5 months," she wrote.

For the time being, the master organizer is doing OK.

"But right now I’m only focusing on today, and today I feel pretty decent! I’ll take the win where I can get it," she wrote.

Shearer got plenty of love from her followers, who showered the Netflix star with lots of support.

"This is one of the many reasons why you are so loved. Sharing the hard times but then cracking a joke in the next breath ❤️ WE LOVE YOU!!!!" former "Bachelorette" star Ali Manno wrote in the comments.

The Susan G. Komen organization also sent their well wishes, writing, "We are rooting for you Clea!"

Shearer's husband, John Shearer, also praised his wife on Instagram, writing, "Clea is the strongest person I know. Today was her first day of five months of Chemo, and she handled it like a champ! Her courage and positivity continue to impress me every single day — I love her so much. #CleaKicksCancer."

Last month, Teplin gave TODAY an update on how Shearer was doing after undergoing a double mastectomy.

“She’s doing well,” she said. “She is just so strong and such a pillar of strength that I can’t imagine anyone tackling cancer the way that she has and is.”

When Shearer initially revealed her diagnosis, she explained why she decided to share the news with her massive social media following.

“It’s a personal choice to make this public, but sharing my experience makes cancer feel purposeful,” she wrote. “If I can convince any of you to self-examine on a regular basis, self-advocate always, and to prioritize your health over your busy schedules — then this will have meant something."