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7 surprising reasons introverts make better partners

They're great listeners, conversationalists and so much more.
/ Source: TODAY

Ever wonder what romantic pick-up line introverts would use if they were interested in someone?

"I could not talk to you for hours."

"Hi, I like you a lot but I'm too shy to start a conversation. Know that I think of you when I stare at my feet."

"If I like you enough, you can sit near me while I'm having quiet time, but only if I can keep my headphones in."

These and 14 other hilarious pick-up lines for introverts are from

Have you dated an introvert, or considered it? If you're in a relationship with one, or if you're pondering the best personality type for you to date, here are solid reasons to look for an introvert:

1. Introverts are the best listeners.

Introverts are comfortable being in the background — they don't need (or want) to be in the spotlight. They pay attention and listen hard — and will remember what you tell them in excruciating detail. They are fully present, and because they listen well, they can quickly get to know the real you, and even give you excellent counsel on problems (because they really get the gist of it).

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2. Introverts can date introverts or extroverts.

Two introverts can be happy as a couple, spending weekends together yet separately — watching movies, reading books, quietly walking or shopping. Introverts can also make excellent partners for extroverts — helping to slow the "party on wheels" extrovert down, resulting in much needed relaxation time.

3. Introverts can help you to get in touch with your true self.

Introverts hate small talk, and instead, like to talk about what's real. They will listen, and ask you probing questions about who you really are and where you want to be in life.

4. Introverts can be better conversationalists.

Introverts would prefer to discuss subjects like "What is the meaning of life?" and "What makes you tick?" — versus talking about what you ate for breakfast or what you think about the latest episode of "This Is Us."

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5. Introverts can be calmer during times of conflict.

Because they can draw their energies inward, introverts don't readily charge head first into conflict. They typically like to be safe, and stay away from a fight. When there is the inevitable relationship conflict, they will recoil to their "charging stations" (being alone), and get to the heart of what the problem is. They don't often use sharp and harsh words during conflict — because they will back down and think before that happens.

6. Introverts don't need constant contact via text and phone.

This is a great advantage, especially if you are a busy person! They are not needy for 27 texts a day — and will often feel flooded if they receive too many "How's your day going?" texts. They are pretty self-reliant, and know how to entertain themselves.

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7. Introverts are happy to give you space (because they need it too)!

They are more than happy to have a night to themselves when you have a girls' or boys' night out! They can catch up on their action, adventure, sci-fi or whatever movie genre floats their boats!

If you were on the fence about dating an introvert, hopefully you're convinced of the distinct advantages of dating one! Go ahead and dust off your "introvert pick-up lines" or create your own. Just know that the introvert will probably take time to warm up to you, but when they do, and if the relationship is right for them, the fire will blaze hot and heavy.