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What you should be doing a week before a half marathon

What you should be doing a week before a half marathon
/ Source: TODAY

Natalie Morales, Erica Hill and thousands of other women are running the MORE/Fitness/Shape Women's Half Marathon in New York City on April 19 as part of TODAY’s Run for TODAY series. Whether you’re one of them, or are prepping for another half marathon, running experts are sharing what you should be doing a week before a big race.

What to eat

“Carbo loading starts happening days before the big race. So back up four or five days and as you start to taper down your training, that’s when you want to start adding small amounts of extra carbs,” Joy Bauer said. “With your afternoon snack, have a frozen yogurt and add some fresh fruit on top. And at dinner, spoon on some more vegetables because remember, vegetables are a carbohydrate.”

What to run

“A week out, your work should be done,” running coach John Honerkamp said. “You’re not going to cram it in like a final exam. You really want to know what shoes you will be wearing, what your race outfit is and you might want to give it some trail runs.”

What to do

“The mental aspect really comes into play here,” Jaclyn Emerick said. “Visualize your perfect race. There is so much research out there showing how visualization of how things actually go, so if you see yourself feeling great through the mile, you're more likely to actually do that.”