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What would you do if you caught a friend's man cheating?

Star Magazine, that authority in all things total rumor, recently hit newsstands featuring an interview with with a model-dancer who claims to have slept with Kanye West behind a pregnant Kim Kardashian's back. The New York Post picked up the story and the rumor-mill is now officially churning.

“It's alleged until we discover it's true,” Kathie Lee was quick to point out. “It's a he-said, she-said, but mostly she-said thing.”

Kim and Kanye denied a woman's report that she had an affair with him.

Both ladies sincerely hoped the rumor was just that — a rumor.

KLG mused: “One wonders whether she was payed for her story. One wonders if she just wants attention. Any time you are a well-known person, you are a target.”

Regardless, Hoda said, a story like this naturally dredges up sour feelings from women scorned.

There is a question,” Hoda continued. “If you were out at night with friends and you looked over and saw a dear friend of yours — her husband or boyfriend, flirting with another girl — what would you do?”

KLG said she would take immediate action, though she admitted it would depend on how close she was to the gentleman in question. If she knew him well, she'd make him aware of her presence casually, by confronting him near the bathrooms and playing it cool, saying something like, "I didn't know you had a sister!" Then she'd contact him privately, after the fact, and “give him the opportunity to do the right thing.”

“The truth is,” Kathie Lee concluded, “it's going to come out someday, somehow. It's better to deal with these things and get it over with.”

Hoda agreed, but said she wouldn't necessarily leave the onus of sharing the bad news up to the man. “If it were my sister, my best friend, someone who's family to me, I'd immediately tell her. I wouldn't even go up to the guy and say anything.”

So, the question is, what would you do in a similar situation, were one of your favorite girls being so deceived? (Or, perhaps the better question, what have you done?)

As luck would have it, the conversation ended on a reassuring note.

“Kim and Kanye have reached out and said it's completely false,” the ladies announced.