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Jenna Bush Hager learns from Meredith Vieira that 'the change' means menopause

Jenna's mom, former first lady Laura Bush, even chimed in!
/ Source: TODAY

You learn something new every day, and today, Jenna Bush Hager learned what “the change” really means.

In a hilarious moment on TODAY with Hoda & Jenna, Meredith Vieira — who was filling in for Hoda Kotb while she’s home with her new baby — had to break the news to Jenna that “the change” is not a euphemism for puberty, despite what she’s thought all these years.

The two were chatting about when it’s time for parents to stop posting about their kids’ lives on social media, and Meredith suggested, “When they start getting interested in the opposite sex or the same sex, whatever it is….”

“When they’re going through ‘the change,’” Jenna added.

The change, you call that?” Meredith asked, appearing totally confused.

“Isn’t that what you call it?” Jenna asked innocently.

“That’s not what ‘the change’ is,” Meredith said. “Trust me that’s not 'the change.'”

Jenna then proceeded to tell Meredith she herself had gone through “the change.” “‘The change' is a nice way — a euphemism — of saying ‘puberty,’” she explained.

“No, it’s menopause,” Meredith corrected her, causing the crew to erupt in laughter behind the scenes.

“'The change' is menopause,” she reiterated, referring to the time in a woman's life, usually in her late 40s and 50s, when menstruation ends. “I know 'the change.' The change is menopause. You have not done 'the change.'”

Jenna, totally shocked, explained she had heard that’s what you call puberty.

“Who said that to you, the Easter Bunny?” Meredith joked.

Of course Meredith isn’t the only one giving the fourth hour co-host a hard time about this. Jenna's mom, former first lady Laura Bush, sent her a text message after the segment with a link to a Google search of the word “menopause” and the letters, “FYI.”

“@meredithvieira you’re the very best and taught me a thing or two,” Jenna wrote alongside the screenshot of her mom's text on Twitter.

At least we know she won’t ever make that mistake again!