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Peloton announces upcoming Lanebreak video game: Here's what we know so far

In the video game, Peloton members will face obstacles that are synchronized with the beat of music.
Illustration of woman riding an indoor bike with a game screen in the background
Peloton is currently testing a version of their Lanebreak video game with select members, and says the feedback has been "very promising."TODAY Illustration / PELOTON / Getty Images
/ Source: TODAY

Calling all gamers: There's a brand new way to work out coming to a Peloton bike near you.

Peloton has announced an on-bike video game called Lanebreak, set to hit bikes in early 2022. In the virtual experience, riders will be required to match and sustain their resistance and cadence while facing obstacles set to the beat of music.

At the start of the video game, which will be included in Peloton's $39 monthly "all access" membership, riders will choose between levels that range from beginner to expert and pick their preferred music genre from options like hip-hop, dance hall and pop.

Players will compete for the highest score while changing lanes (by turning their resistance knobs) and dodging obstacles along the course, which are strategically placed based on workout goals and the intensity of each song, creating a need for increased speed or a change in resistance.

Peloton is currently testing a version of the game with select members, and says the feedback has been "very promising."

Lanebreak, Peloton's first video game workout, will be available in winter 2022 in all Peloton markets.Peloton

"Members are excited about the direction and can see themselves embedding it into their routine," said David Packles, Peloton's senior director of product management. "Many have made comments that they can see it appealing to friends and family who were not previously as interested in instructor-led classes."

Packles said while there won't be instructors during the video game rides, the game mechanics are designed to motivate riders in similar ways.

"Live and on-demand classes with our instructors are the heart of our product, but we found that even the most dedicated members look for variety," Packles told TODAY Health. "Scenic rides or runs, which transport members to beautiful destinations throughout the world, are a great option for many, but we were always inspired by the opportunities unlocked by gaming."

"Experiences like Lanebreak offer variety to existing members, while also expanding our reach to new audiences," Packles added.

Lanebreak will be available on both the Peloton Bike and Bike+ in all of the company's existing markets, from the U.S. to Germany. Peloton will also be beta testing the program for some members starting in winter 2021.