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5 foods to keep your breath smelling fresh

If you've been experiencing bad breath battle lately, here are some foods that may help you save some money on mints.
/ Source: TODAY

It’s one thing to have a little body odor after a massive sweat sesh. That’s what the sweat towels and perfume is for. But, stinky breath, that’s a whole other story. There is no appropriate time for that. If you’ve been fighting this battle lately, here are some foods that may help you save some money on mints.

1. Apples

Not only will the crunch help remove plaque from your teeth, but it will also help your mouth generate more saliva, which is a natural way to battle bad breath. Munch on a whole apple for the best type of "fast food," or slice and pair one with a yogurt peanut butter dip, for double bad breath fighting action.

2. Cinnamon

This spice contains essential oils that have been shown to have bad breath fighting abilities by killing bacteria that may be residing in your mouth. One study showed that even chewing gum flavored with cinnamic aldehyde had an antibacterial effect, leading to fresher breath. (This study was funded by a chewing gum company, but cinnamon does have antibacterial properties.)

Sprinkle it onto your coffee, on a sliced apple, or into yogurt for delicious results.

3. Cucumber

Vegetables like cucumbers that are high in water volume are great for busting bad breath. Water prevents a dry mouth, and also washes away excess unwanted food residue that may be present after a meal. Similar to apples, the crunch factor also helps stimulate saliva production which aids in hydrating your mouth. If cucumber isn’t your thing, try munching on celery to get the same effect. Cucumber pineapple salad is the perfect way to munch, crunch and refresh during the warmer months.

4. Grapefruit

This citrus fruit is loaded with vitamin C, which helps control levels of bacteria in the mouth, but also helps fight gum disease and gingivitis which can also be culprits of bad breath. Load up on citrus fruits to get adequate vitamin C. A broiled grapefruit is also a way to nip a craving for sweets in the bud.

5. Greek yogurt

Yogurt has been found to be helpful in reducing the amount of hydrogen-sulfide and other odor causing compounds that may be present in your mouth. Just make sure that your yogurt is low in sugar (yup, that means go for plain), which is a natural feeder of bacteria, a main culprit of bad breath. You can make the yogurt peanut butter dip for some crunchy celery or add yogurt to your salad dressing for a creamy alternative to plain old oil and vinegar.

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