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This $14 weighted eye mask actually helps me relax after a long day

Pro tip: Pop it in the freezer and it even offers cooling relief from headaches.
/ Source: Today

Recently over a coffee, a friend began bragging profusely about his new eye mask, apropos of nothing. And instead of sending me a link to find it, he went on Amazon and ordered one for me on the spot.

The Imak eye mask arrived a few days later, and I think it’s no exaggeration to say my life has never been the same. That day I tossed it in my freezer per the directions and waited patiently for bedtime. After doing my entire skin care routine and reading for a bit, I retrieved the mask and hopped into bed. Instantly, I started to relax and swore I’d tell everyone I knew about this mask the next day.

I’ve tried plenty of other sleep masks before (including some of those plastic, gel-filled ones that are also meant to be stored in the freezer), but none of them have delivered the comfort, instant cooling and blackout darkness of the Imak mask.

Imak Eye Mask, $14, Amazon

It Soothes Headaches and Hangovers

Anytime I have a headache (or let’s be honest, a hangover), I reach for this mask to provide a little relief. The round beads inside mold to the shape of my forehead and under-eyes, while darts keep it from pressing down on my eyes and eyelashes.

The weight of the mask, held in place with an elastic band, applies light pressure to pain points, while the cold beads deliver a soothing sensation all around the eyes. The cold lasts for a bit, and when it starts to fade, I just take it off and flip it around, because the outer side is still cool.

It Helps Me Sleep on Hot Nights

Did you know that applying something cold to your temples helps shrink blood vessels, which can help cool the body overall? It can be tough to fall asleep in my tiny New York City apartment, but my Imak mask has really helped. The cold on my eyes, temples and forehead helps me relax and get a better night’s sleep.

Whether you wear for a whole night in bed or just for a few minutes of cooling relief, the Imak mask is great.
Whether you wear for a whole night in bed or just for a few minutes of cooling relief, the Imak mask is great. Courtesy of Taylor Davies

It Stays On (and Keeps Me in the Dark) While I Sleep

If you’re a particularly fidgety sleeper, you might find that this mask will eventually come off during the night and end up somewhere in your sheets or under your pillow. But generally speaking, I’ve found that the weight of this eye mask actually keeps me more still while I sleep; I fall asleep on my back and wake up in the same place. But even if I do roll a bit to either side, this mask stays put.

It also delivers total darkness, which many sleep and eye masks can't really do, because they don't contour to the face's shape. The Imak molds to the face and blocks out all the light — making it ideal for catching the last of those morning z’s just as the sun is coming up.

Bottom Line: Is It Worth It?

I’ve gotten to the point where I’m using this mask every night, that’s how much I love it. Whether I’m tossing and turning during a hot summer night or looking for some relief after a (cough, cough) long night, this mask always makes me feel better and helps me relax.

Amazon reviewers also note that this particular mask is great for anyone who suffers from migraines or sinus pains, or who needs to sleep in total darkness. Most also recommend storing it inside a Ziploc bag while in the freezer to avoid the mask picking up any ice box odors.

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