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Weight-loss success: How this man dropped 185 pounds at age 53

Before he knew it, John DiBenedetto's weight had ballooned to 350 pounds. Here are steps he took to lose 185 pounds!
/ Source: TODAY

John DiBenedetto, 53, grew up in Seaford, New York, with an Italian family — where eating a lot was the norm and even encouraged.

As DiBenedetto got older, his eating habits got worse. Though he didn't realize it, food became a source of comfort for him. He would eat an average of 3,500 calories in one day!

DiBenedetto's annual five pound weight gain became 10, and before he knew it, he was weighing in at 350 pounds.

John DiBenedetto
DiBenedetto worked hard to lose 185 pounds.John DiBenedetto / John DiBenedetto

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After his mother and best friend passed away within a short period of time, DiBenedetto decided he needed to start taking better care of himself.

1. He consulted a doctor.

In 2010, he began working with a local doctor who helped him start a healthy nutrition program. He started cooking all his meals and weighing everything he ate.

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John DiBenedetto
John DiBenedetto holds up a pair of his old pants after losing 185 pounds.NATHAN R CONGLETON

2. He started moving a lot more.

Today, DiBenedetto rides his bike every day. He tracks his exercise and everything he eats on the free app Fit Day.

3. He indulges occasionally.

He allows himself a weekly treat as a reward and motivation. For the past five years, John has been going to Sweet Revenge in Manhattan's West Village for a cupcake and a wine or beer.

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To date, DiBenedetto is down 185 pounds and feels great!

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