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Weight-loss Challenge: Forgive your slip-ups


We've only a day to go with the 25,000 Pound Weight-Loss Challenge! And we need everybody's help to make sure that we hit our goal by Tuesday. Have you recorded your progress today? Click here and tell us how it's going.


Nobody eats perfectly all the time, and it’s fine—totally normal, in fact—to stray from your plan from time to time. But to be successful in the long-term, you must learn to overcome these temporary setbacks. You can’t let one binge or one “off day” turn into a full week, or month, of splurging.  Instead of dwelling on your mistakes, shake it off and get right back on track at your very next meal, or the very next day. Remember, nobody gains weight from one rich meal or a single slice of cake.  The real trouble starts when you allow that one “splurge” to snowball into an all-out eating frenzy. As the challenge draws to a close, it’s important to remember to take it one meal at a time, and learn to forgive yourself if you should fall slightly off balance.

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If you've joined the Challenge and not logged your total pounds lost, go here to record your progress now. If you haven't joined yet, click here to sign up -- it's never too late. All through January TODAY viewers are being challenged to lose weight -- 25,000 pounds!-- together. After you join, you can log your weight loss anytime.  

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