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Watch this woman dance into her mastectomy and just try not to smile

Instead of a slow march to the operating room for double mastectomy surgery, a Georgia woman decided to do it "Gangnam Style" — and the impromptu dance party produced smiles all around. 

Shortly before her surgery in March, Doreta Norris, 52, shared a simple request with nurse Brooke Galimore at Piedmont Henry Hospital in Stockbridge, Georgia: On the day of the procedure, Norris wanted to dance. 

Galimore let the rest of the staff know, and they spontaneously lined the hallway as Psy's "Gangnam Style" got cranked up. The dance party was captured on video by a member of the staff and posted on YouTube this month. 

"It was an emotional dance,'' Norris told Piedmont Henry. "Staff came up to hug me, dance with me and give me words of encouragement. I truly felt like I could conquer the world.” 

Norris had her last surgery on Tuesday of this week before her final operation, for implants, in the fall, Piedmont Healthcare Senior Director Diana Lewis told TODAY. 

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