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By Ree Hines

Between high-intensity this and low-impact that — and of course the omnipresence of yoga pants — it seems safe to say that our society is obsessed with fitness. But that's nothing new!

There's even a viral video, with more than 1.5 million views on YouTube since it was uploaded on March 19, that illustrates that point perfectly.

In "100 Years of Fitness in 100 Seconds," one woman walks (and runs and squats) us through the history of fitness fads from the simple stretches of the 1910s to the hip-shaking, high-kicking Zumba moves of today and everything in between.


The video, which comes courtesy of British healthcare service Benenden, is like a greatest hits for workouts, complete with an evolution of fitness fashion. And while we way not work up a sweat in long skirts and boots anymore, it's fun to see what was done and what was worn back in the day — especially when those days include '70s Jazzercise and '80s aerobics.

Want more? No problem! Take a closer look at some of the most memorable fitness trends with these clips:

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