Heartbreaking video sends powerful message about organ donation

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/ Source: TODAY
By Rheana Murray

If all your colleagues are hunched over their keyboards crying this afternoon, this video might be why.

Ad agency DDB Worldwide posted the viral clip on its YouTube page two weeks ago, and it’s since gotten more than 6 million views and continues to circulate on social media, highlighting the bond between people and their pets, as well as the power of organ donation.

In “The Man and the Dog,” an elderly man and his dog are inseparable — the dog waits outside a café while his owner has coffee, snuggles up next to him on the couch and nudges him to wake up in the morning — until one day, the man is rushed to the hospital. The dog chases the ambulance and waits outside, as night passes and even through rain, but there’s no sign of the man’s return. Finally, a woman comes out in a wheelchair, and the dog rushes to meet her, as if he’s known her forever.

“Become an organ donor,” the commercial says.

The ad is for Argentina’s Liver Transplant Foundation, but its message is clear across the world, and many viewers said they were in tears after watching.

The group called the video “beautiful” in a message posted on Facebook.

“Remember that the important thing is to be informed, make a conscious decision and fundamentally talk it over with your loved ones,” the foundation wrote (as translated from Spanish), referring to the process of becoming an organ donor.