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Bravo's Katie Maloney-Schwartz loses 20 pounds by making tiny tweaks to diet

The Bravo personality, who doesn't think dieting is "sustainable," has learned to listen to what her body needs.
/ Source: TODAY

“Vanderpump Rules” star Katie Maloney-Schwartz recently revealed that she’s shed over 20 pounds.

Now, she’s detailing her exact meal plan — and it doesn’t involve counting calories or following the ketogenic diet.

“I think dieting is just not sustainable,” Maloney-Schwartz, 33, said during an interview with HollywoodLife. Instead, Maloney-Schwartz, who was diagnosed with a blood sugar abnormality known as insulin resistance, eats for her body and metabolism.

Katie Maloney-Schwartz has dealt with co-stars criticizing her weight on the Bravo reality show "Vanderpump Rules."
Katie Maloney-Schwartz has dealt with co-stars criticizing her weight on the Bravo reality show "Vanderpump Rules."Getty Images/ musickillskate/Instagram

A typical breakfast includes an egg white omelet with avocado, feta cheese and hot sauce. If Maloney-Schwartz is hankering for a breakfast sandwich, she'll use just one slice of bread.

Maloney-Schwartz’s low-sugar plan, which was designed by a nutritionist, also includes several snacks.

“That was the hardest part of all,” she said. “Just training myself to eat more frequently than I normal would.”

But now that Maloney-Schwartz has found favorites, it’s a little bit easier.

“It’s always fruits or a little bite of nuts and cheese or something,” she said, noting that berries are staples.

Lunch is usually a voluminous salad from The Health Nut in Woodland Hills, California, which is also the Kardashian and Jenner sisters’ go-to spot for greens.

“I’ve fallen in love with that place,” she raved. “They have these massive giant protein salads with roasted chicken, sunflower seeds and cucumbers and carrots and lettuce and tomatoes and they have this really nice dressing they put on it.”

For dinner, the Bravo personality and her husband, Tom Schwartz, will make chicken with “something just nice and easy on the side” such as broccoli.

Maloney-Schwartz admits that some days are cleaner than others.

“I will say, during quarantine, it is especially hard to just not let loose and completely fall apart and eat a whole pizza and then order some spicy chicken,” she joked. “And listen, some days we do fall apart. But overall … we eat healthy. I mean my clothes are fitting again nicely, so that’s cool!”

Last year, Maloney-Schwartz opened up about being body-shamed by online bullies and her Bravo co-stars. During the realty show’s seventh season, co-star James Kennedy called her “fat,” and event planner Kevin Lee remarked that her weight was “out of control.”

Maloney-Schwartz said it took her three years to to love herself again after gaining weight.

“For the last 3 years I let MY BODY became a topic of conversation,” she wrote on Instagram story in 2019. “I say ‘let’ because I didn’t have the courage or self love to argue it. FOR 3 YEARS. I’m not perfect. I know who I am. But I’m not a weak bitch.”