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Ready for Valentine's Day? Here's what 100 calories looks like in candy

Consumer Reports has a handy visual guide on how to indulge a bit and stay on track during this onslaught of sweets.
/ Source: TODAY

Candy is as plentiful as kisses on Valentine’s Day. Unfortunately, all that sugar and fat can also mess with your diet and New Year’s resolutions to lose weight (remember those?)

To stay on track during this onslaught of sweets, you can indulge a bit, but in a calorie-controlled way and by choosing your portion size wisely, experts say. Aim for a serving that has 50-100 calories and satisfies, while helping you avoid grabbing a giant candy bar, TODAY Health and Nutrition editor Madelyn Fernstrom advises.

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To help you plan, Consumer Reports has come up with a handy visual guide to how many pieces of popular Valentine's Day candy you can have if you want to limit your intake to 100 calories.

Let's just say you won't be making many return trips to the box of chocolate bonbons:

Consumer Reports
Consumer Reports
Consumer Reports created this guide to illustrate what 100 calories of Valentine's candy looks like.Consumer Reports

Remember, indulging a bit in chocolate isn’t all bad news since research indicates it can have positive health effects on your brain, heart and mood.

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But if you need more help to keep your candy intake in check, try taking a 15-minute walk when a craving hits. One study found this single step decreased people’s urge to eat sugary snacks.

Or you could simply use mindful distraction, experts say. Call a friend and talk for a few minutes, or do some stretching — anything to break the immediacy of acting impulsively on your chocolate craving in an uncontrolled way.

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