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Use your shower to spark creativity and relaxation

Try Stephanie Mansour's tips for making your shower a positive space to connect with your thoughts.

Some people view the shower as a way to relax, but others view it as just another waste of time in the day.

Either way, shower time is smart-phone free and can be a chance to tune in to your inner self. Make showers a time to spark creativity and relaxation!

Here are some out-of-the-box ideas and practices to try in your next shower.

Set the stage with scented soap

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Use your soap to help set the tone for a relaxing shower!Getty Images

Chances are you pick out soap that you enjoy smelling in the store. Instead of just a quick whiff of the smell after you lather up, enjoy the scent longer.

If you’ve ever had a professional massage where the therapist rubs her hands together and puts them underneath your head cradle for you to smell the scent, your shower can be just like that! Rub the soap in your hands and breathe intentionally. Take a slow, deep breath in and count to three. Then slowly breathe out.

Do this three times before you start washing your body. Set the tone of relaxation for the rest of the shower!

Change up the routine

When you change the order of things you do in the shower, you can also change your point of view!

For example, if you’re used to washing your hair first, body second, and shaving your legs third, try going in reverse order. Wash and shave your legs. Then wash the rest of your body. Finally, shampoo your hair last.

The simple act of changing up your routine can force you to be more present, add a little excitement into an otherwise monotonous task and spark more creative thoughts!

Wash your hair and cleanse the negative


As you lather shampoo in your hair, think about cleansing yourself from any negative thoughts. Did you judge your own body before you got in the shower? Wash it away! Had a rough day at the office dealing with some not-so-positive feedback? Wash this off! Had a disastrous night with the kids? Wash it off!

Think about washing your hair as a time to pull, scratch and wring out any negative thoughts that starts in your mind, since you’re cleaning the hair on your head!

Loofa to slough off negative self-talk

As you use your loofa or washcloth in the shower, think about sloughing off a layer of negativity. But, this time, the negativity is self-talk that you say to yourself. Have you given yourself a compliment lately? Probably not!

Focus on the negative statements that you’ve said to yourself over the past few days. If you’ve criticized yourself, second guessed yourself, or questioned yourself, think about sloughing off all of that negativity.

Shaving and gratitude

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Think about what you're grateful for with each shaving strokeGetty Images

When you shave your legs, set an intention that you can focus on during each stroke.

For example, you could say, “I’m thankful for having a cozy bed to sleep in.” Then repeat this each time you shave. Say, “I am thankful” during one stroke and then “for my cozy bed” for another. Make your shaving routine like a meditation ritual to infuse gratitude into your everyday life.

Thoughtful shower prompts

If you’re not into associating a movement or action with a thought scenario, perhaps setting a theme for your shower is more up your alley.

When you step into the shower, are you looking to daydream and tune out from the rest of the world? If so, use this time to allow your mind to wander aimlessly.

Are you trying to spark some creativity in your life because you feel like you’re in a rut? Use your shower to focus on cultivating a curious mind.

Think about a question you’d like to figure out the answer to. Or think about an invention that would be cool.

You could also imagine what you would do with your time if you had a whole week free, starting now.

Breathing exercises

Finally, allow the water to run over your head and let yourself take a few deep breaths at the beginning and the end of your shower. Think about the warm water and how it feels on your body. Take slow, deep breaths. Breathe in for a count of five and then breathe out for a count of five.

Use this time to re-center and refocus in a calm and peaceful way.

Utilizing your shower as some sacred “me” time with the above tips can have a profound impact on your day. In fact, one of my clients says that after making some changes to her shower routine, she felt even better afterwards than if she’d come out of a meditation class!

Try out one of the above suggestions to be on your way to more relaxation in no time.

Stephanie Mansour is a health & fitness expert and weight-loss coach for women. Join her complimentary health and weight-loss challenge here!