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Household items that will keep you safe on the way to the ER

Unexpected household items could save your life while you're heading to the emergency room for medical attention.
/ Source: TODAY

Everyone has a junk drawer — full of just that, junk. But there are some items hiding there that could actually save your life.

NBC News medical contributor Dr. Natalie Azar stopped by the TODAY show Thursday to share the products that could help to keep you safe while you're on your way to the emergency room.

1. A clear glass

"This is what's called the tumbler test. This is for assessing or analyzing — if you develop a rash in the setting of a fever, nausea, stiff neck — something that you might be concerned could be meningitis, there is a rash that can be associated with meningitis that will look like tiny red or brown pin pricks," advised Azar.

To determine if it is, take a clear glass and place it on the skin. If you can still see the rash through the glass, that could be a concerning symptom for meningitis and you should seek medical attention right away.

2. Plastic wrap

This can help with burns, and can be used in the setting of a second or third degree burn, which causes blistering, charred or white skin. You need to see a doctor for these types of thermal burns (this does not work for chemical burns), but plastic wrap can help before you make it to the doc.

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After a burn has been rinsed in cold, clean water, cover it in plastic wrap to prevent further infection. It seals in the skin and prevents contamination while you're on the way to the emergency room.

3. Superglue

Using superglue to treat a wound at home is appropriate if the wound is not deep and not too wide, and not on a mobile part of your body (like your joints). Clean the wound, put superglue on it and then go visit a doctor.

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