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'Unbelievable! 2 women lose 312 pounds and share their weight loss secrets

If you need some motivation to go after your goals, look to our latest Joy Fit Club members who dropped a combined 312 pounds after years of being overweight.

Lora Crider, 54, went through two unhappy marriages and turned to unhealthy food to cope with the pain. Some days she'd scarf down candy, chips, ice cream and cake all in one sitting.


Now, thanks to following a strict Weight Watchers plan, she's dropped 135 pounds and can even fit into a Halloween costume from 30 years ago!

Forty-one-year-old Almetria Turner used to be an emotional eater too, but after developing Type 2 diabetes and hypertension, she turned her life around.


She shed 177 pounds and says she now has a goal of running 50 half-marathons by her 50th birthday.