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The ultimate pick-me-up: Jenna Wolfe’s 10-minute office workout 

Samantha Okazaki / Today
TODAY's Jenna Wolfe shares her fitness tips.

Feeling a little stiff and achy from sitting all day? Loosen up those joints and muscles with a quick workout you can do right at the office.  

1. Lift your left leg so that you are standing only on your right leg. Hold for 60 seconds without losing your balance. Switch legs. 

2. Stand on your right leg again. Keeping the left leg extended straight and slightly out to the front or your side, slowly circle that leg clockwise 25 times and counterclockwise 25 times. Switch legs. 

3. Grab two water bottles and do 100 bicep curls. Then extend your arms out to your side and do 100 shoulder circles forwards and then 100 backwards. (Bicep curl: Hold a bottle in each hand, arms at your side, palms facing the ceiling. Simultaneously, and slowly, bend at the elbows and bring the bottles up to your shoulders. Then, slowly bring the bottles back down to your side. Be sure your elbows are touching your sides throughout the exercise.) 

4. Sit down onto your chair very slowly and then stand back up. Do this 50-100 times.  

5. Drop 25 paper clips on the floor and squat down to pick up each one individually.  

6. Lean back a little in your chair without resting on the back of the chair and lift your feet off the ground. Keep them up for 60 seconds. Do this 3 times.