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The ultimate partner workout: 3 moves you can do with a friend

Sometimes working out is just easier with a buddy.
/ Source: TODAY

Sometimes working out is just easier with a buddy — you have someone to help you count your reps and make sure you're not wimping out on certain exercises.

The next time you're dreading your early morning workout, tell a friend to meet you at the gym and come prepared with this challenging partner routine. Watch the video and get moving!

Repeat three or four sets of the three exercises outlined below.

1. Squat ball pass

Both partners should sit with their backs flat against the wall in a squat position. One partner starts with a weighted ball (five to 10 pounds), and passes it to the other partner. Continue to pass the ball from partner to partner, for 15 repetitions.

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2. Reverse crunch

Lay with backs flat on the ground and legs to the side so you and your partner's glutes are facing each other. Raise your hips and legs toward the ceiling then drop them down adjacent to your partner. When your legs reach about six inches off of the ground, raise them again and drop on the other side. Repeat 15 repetitions before moving onto the next exercise.

3. Squat with a high-knee combination

One partner squats down with their hands straight ahead. The other partner will start to do high knees, aiming for their knees to hit their partner's hands. To challenge your partner, you could raise your hands even harder. Set a timer and perform these exercises for 30 seconds and then switch roles and complete another 30 seconds.

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