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Get your heart rate up with this 10-minute dance cardio routine

Curious about AKT, the workout developed by celebrity trainer Anna Kaiser? Give it a try with this fun routine.

It's likely you've heard of AKT — Anna Kaiser's dance-based workout program that has become a favorite of celebrities like Kelly Ripa and Sarah Jessica Parker.

The technique is a combination of dance cardio, HIIT and toning moves. The signature studio class alternates between choreographed dance routines and strength intervals for a non-stop workout that torches calories.

Curious what the hype is all about? Get a taste of the workout with this 10-minute routine. You don’t need any equipment, just some room to move! The workout starts with a solid warm up that includes some common body-weight moves like squats, lunges and jumping jacks performed to the beat of the music.

You will then transition into a fast-paced, dance-inspired cardio routine with lots of fun, challenging moves. The instructor first breaks it down into shorter dance combos to give you a chance to master them before stringing them together for a longer routine that will leave you breathless.

It may only be 10 minutes, but the non-stop movement will definitely have you working up a sweat!

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