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Trista Sutter says she is taking some 'me time' amid husband Ryan's health battle

The former "Bachelorette" revealed her husband's health struggles back in November before they had a diagnosis.
/ Source: TODAY

Former “Bachelorette” star Trista Sutter opened up about taking some time for herself while her husband, Ryan Sutter, continues to battle Lyme disease.

Sutter, 48, snapped a photo in the mirror at her pilates studio, sharing the picture on Instagram on Thursday, July 1, before penning a personal note in the caption.

“Not that it’s happening as often as I should make it happen, but my motto lately: Me Time...It’s a Necessity,” she wrote. “Today, that meant Pilates at @westinriverfront and tomorrow it means I sit in a chair while @970style helps me wash that grey right outta my hair. Has to be done.

She continued, adding, “Not only for my physical health (and my roots!) but my mental health deserves it probably more than all other reasons combined. What are you doing to fill your bucket today?!”

Sutter also shared the hashtags #metime, #physicalhealth, #mentalhealth, #myhealth and #priorities to the end of her caption.

Many fans quickly took to the comments section to voice their support for the mom of two.

One mom wrote, "Needed to read this! From one mom go another, thank you mama! ❤️"

Another fan added, "Keep your positive attitude girl. You're such an inspiration to so many women. You look amazing!"

The Sutters tied the knot in 2003 after falling in love during the first season of “The Bachelorette.” They share two children together: son Maxwell, 13, and daughter, Blakesley, 12.

Trista first revealed last November that her husband, a former NFL player, had been struggling with a then mystery illness for months, unable to get answers about his health. In a lengthy Instagram post, Trista recounted the months-long struggle they faced as a couple to uncover what the root of his illness was. At the time, they were able to rule out cancer but were still seeking a diagnosis for his condition.

Ryan opened up about his symptoms days later in a series of posts on Instagram, showing the reality of his illness. He described his symptoms as “flu like” but when he was tested for COVID-19, he never tested positive.

After five months of struggling through symptoms, he wasn’t feeling any better. The 46-year-old said additional symptoms of his condition were “fatigue — sometimes almost paralyzing, deep body and muscle aches, fevers, night sweats, full body itching with no rash, headaches, neck and throat swelling, congestion, light headedness, nausea, and just general all around not feeling good.”

Ryan was finally able to explain his official diagnosis on Trista’s podcast, “Better Etc.” in May after countless months spent in the dark about the mystery illness he had been battling for nearly a year. He shared his story with listeners, encouraging them to advocate for their health when they know something is off.

"I now essentially have Lyme disease — it seems like something that I will always have, it's just that now I know, and I will try to build back my immune system to fight it off,” he said. “And Epstein-Barr — I showed that virus, and this weakened immune system may have allowed that to come back in. On top of that, COVID, I tested positive for that.”

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Epstein-Barr is a common virus spread through saliva and can cause mononucleosis.

One week after appearing on his wife's podcast, Ryan shared his story on his respective Instagram, beginning his honest caption with the declaration, “I have Lyme disease.”

“What I don’t have are very many good pictures depicting the adventurous life I’ve imagined and, for the most part, realized for myself,” he continued. “I’m short on pictures lately cause I’m short on adventure and short on the motivation to capture anything that might even loosely constitute it. In addition to Lyme I also have co-infections, mold toxicity, yeast, heavy metals, EBV and COVID.”

Ryan explained that his immune system is “beat down” after spending a year battling his illness.

“I’m a car in drive, yet when I step on the gas I’m sent speeding off in reverse. And so I have no good pictures,” he continued. “Yet what I do have is an image. An image of victory, of health, of purpose and of joy. I am aware of my condition and acutely aware that I am not alone in my challenges - not even close.”

He said that he is most focused on regaining his health while sharing the process when he can to become an advocate for Lyme disease in an effort to have a better understanding of it for a “MUCH better path towards diagnosis, treatment and healing.”

“I’m getting back to basics - coming at this part hippie and part cowboy, a little garden and a little gun, leather and lace, rock salt and pearls - you get the idea,” he concluded the revealing caption. “I’ve already adjusted my diet (gluten, dairy and sugar free), added a boat load of supplements, wear a shungite bracelet, keep energy radiating rocks and crystals by my bed and have made a point of getting outside and moving. I think it’s working? I know it will work. It has to. I need more pictures!”