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Only have 10 minutes? Try one of these quick, but effective workouts

Tone your abs, butt and upper body with these routines from the trainers at Obé Fitness.

After months spent holed up at home comfort eating, getting back into an exercise routine may feel overwhelming. But what if you could start strengthening and toning your body in just 10 minutes a day?

This week on TODAY All Day, instructors from online-streaming service Obé Fitness are sharing quick, but effective routines that fit into any schedule — whether you have a few minutes in the morning or can lace up your sneakers during your lunch break.

Here are some of our favorite 10-minute routines that you can squeeze in when you have a few minutes to spare or string together for a longer workout.

Day 1: Walter Kemp’s 10-minute booty blaster

Sitting all day? This short glute workout will fire up your backside. Walter Kemp, aka The Booty Builder, leads this 10-minute booty-focused workout consisting of a squat series done standing and on the floor.

Day 2: Ana Clarke’s 10-minute, low-impact dance cardio

Get your heart rate up (and have some fun!) with this dance cardio class led by Ana Clarke. Boxing, aerobics and body-weight strength training make an appearance in this high-energy, full-body workout that is perfect for all skill levels — no dance experience required.

Day 3: Melody Davi’s 10-minute ab workout

This core workout is a perfect add-on to a walk. Expect exercises like Russian twists, leg raises and standard crunches. Melody Davi ensures you are using proper form, and also provides progressions for those who want to take things to the next level.

Day 4: Marcia Meade’s 10-minute leg workout

This Pilates workout focuses on the lower body. Good news: The entire workout is done lying down! But don’t think you’re in for an easy one. Instructor Marcia Meade leads you through a series of small, deliberate movements that will have you feeling the burn.

Day 5: Liz Chestang’s 10-minute arm sculpt

Yes, it’s possible to tone and strengthen your arms without any equipment at all. This short routine led by instructor Liz Chestang will fire up the biceps, chest, shoulders and triceps using just your body weight.

CORRECTION (April 26, 2021, 5:31 p.m.): An earlier version of this story misstated the name of Walter Kemp. He is Walter Kemp, not Walter Kim.