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Tone up fast! 5 sculpting moves to get ready for Valentine's Day

The day of love is almost upon us! Regardless of what your plans are this Valentine's Day, feeling like a bombshell is a must.
/ Source: TODAY Contributor

The day of love is almost upon us! Regardless of what your plans are this Valentine’s Day, feeling like a bombshell is a must, and loving yourself is non-negotiable.

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, we want you to love every inch of your gorgeous body. And what better way to remind yourself of how strong and amazing you are than with some total body toning moves!?

Here’s a fun fact: When you exercise because you want to be good to yourself, you’re much more likely to commit to your fitness routine… and of course, enjoy it more, too!

So let’s send some love to your arms, abs, legs and booty, shall we!?

Jump squats

Katrina of Tone It Up completes 20 squat jumps
Complete 20 squat jumps.Tone It Up

Why we love it: This move instantly gets your heart rate up, blasting calories while working your legs and booty!

How to do it: Sit back into a squat and then explode up in the air as high as you can go. Land softly into a plyometric squat; repeat 20 times!

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Tricep dips with leg extension

Karena completes 20 reps of 1-legged dips
Complete 20 reps of these easy tricep dips.Tone It Up

Why we love it: You’re engaging your triceps and abs all at once while using your own body weight as resistance. Complete this move right before you slip into anything strapless for instant arm definition.

How to do it: Sit on your mat with legs in front of you and hands directly behind your tush, palms facing forward. Use arms to lift you up into a reverse table top position. Make sure hands are directly below shoulders as you dip down, simultaneously lifting alternate legs up as you dip. Complete 20 reps!

Bicycle crunches

Katrina of Tone It Up demonstrates the bicycle exercise
Repeat this bicycle crunch exercise 20 times.Tone It Up

Why we love it: This works your entire core, from upper and lower abs to obliques!

How to do it: In a seated position, legs in front of you, place hands by ears. Bend left leg up toward your body as you reach right elbow across to meet the left knee. Alternate sides by bending your knee up to meet your left elbow. That’s one rep. Repeat 20 times!

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Plank with leg lift

Karena demonstrates 1-legged leg lifts
Complete 15 reps of these 1-legged leg lifts.Tone It Up

Why we love it: You’re strengthening your arms for more immediate definition while engaging your deepest ab muscles, and sculpting the tush!

How to do it: Begin in high plank with your hands on the mat directly under your shoulders. Keep abs engaged by drawing belly button in and your spine straight. Staying in this position, lift your right leg up as you engage your buns. Lower and repeat on the left side. That’s one rep. Complete 15.

Straight leg booty lifts

Katrina demonstrates booty lifts
Repeat this straight leg booty lift 20 times.Tone It Up

Why we love it: Nothing lifts and sculpts your booty like this! You’ll feel the amazing burn right away.

How to do it: Lay on your tummy, hands forward propping head and chest up. Look directly down as you lift both legs up as high as you can without bending your knees so they remain straight. Squeeze the booty at the top of this move, and slowly lower your legs back down, tapping your toes to your mat. Repeat 20 times!

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Karena Dawn and Katrina Scott are the founders of Tone It Up — a fitness and lifestyle brand. They are certified personal trainers, nutritional coaches, and best friends. Karena and Katrina have taken the world by storm with their fun, quirky and energetic approach to fitness and have built a vibrant community based around friendship, accountability, motivation, and inspiration. To learn more, follow them on and @ToneItUp.