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TODAY gang gets (mostly) hypnotized: See who howls!

/ Source: TODAY

Professional hypnotist Richard Barker stopped by TODAY Friday to put the power of suggestion to the test — and for some fun!

Barker found three eager volunteers in Natalie Morales, Al Rocker and guest host Ellie Kemper, but was he really able to get them under his spell? Well...


After some relaxing words and a bit of guided meditation, Barker gave them all a chance to show what they could so — or rather, would do — with a little mental nudge.

Would Natalie steal Al's shoe?


She sure would!

Would Al howl like a werewolf?



"Looking at the three subjects, definitely two out of the three were probably in a decent level of trance," Barker told bystander Willie Geist when it was over.

What happened with the third subject? Despite Barker's best attempt to get Ellie to find her favorite ice cream repulsive, no amount of suggestion could fool her frozen-treat-loving taste buds.


"It was just delectable," she admitted.

Two out of three's not bad!

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