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Bobbie Thomas gives update on husband 1 year after his stroke

The style expert and TODAY contributor said her husband is now walking with assistance a year after suffering a stroke at 40.
/ Source: TODAY

Bobbie Thomas is celebrating "every little victory" as her husband continues to improve a year after suffering a stroke at 40 years old.

The style expert and TODAY contributor shared an update on TODAY with Hoda & Jenna about how her husband Michael is doing and how their family has been faring at home during the coronavirus pandemic.

"It's kind of amazing,'' Thomas said. "If a year ago you told me what I was going to be dealing with a year out, it would've been too overwhelming. I think that focusing day by day on what was in front of us, it's amazing because now we feel so fortunate.

"We celebrate every little victory. It's hard to appreciate those small things if we look ahead. In a weird way, I would never want this to happen to anybody, but there has been so many gifts that have come along with having to reprioritize, and there's a bond we have that's unbreakable."

Michael came home from the hospital in a wheelchair last year, and Thomas said he has since progressed to walking with assistance.

"Some days are really long, but I have to say I shared a while back that my husband Michael had a stroke a year ago, actually just celebrated his year anniversary, and the past year has really helped us with the skills that we're using now,'' she said. "And we're really focused lately on what we have and what we can do versus what we can't.

The couple, who will celebrate their seventh wedding anniversary on May 31, also have had plenty of time together with their son, Miles, 4, whom she had through IVF after sharing her struggles with infertility.

"I saw a quote the other day of, 'Don't let what you can't do get in the way of what you can,' and it's really been this kind of nice time to have Miles from morning until night from the minute I wake up until the minute I go to sleep,'' she said. "So that's been a blessing, but it can be really challenging as you can imagine some days, so that's the truth."

Every night at dinner, Michael asks Miles what his high and his low are for the day.

"Miles just said a few nights ago out of the blue, 'My high was seeing how strong Daddy is, I'm so proud of him,' and he's 4!" Thomas said.

She is hoping her husband's ongoing recovery can inspire others who have suffered from strokes.

"I want to scream that from the rooftops because stroke is something that can happen to anybody, especially younger people,'' she said. "That was the biggest message that I want to get out there. And that it is possible to recover in some situations, it just takes dedication, and we have to focus on what we have and not what we don't."

Thomas just continues to take life a day at a time with Michael's recovery and the pandemic.

"I feel so lucky that he was the person I married,'' she said. "I wouldn't change it for anything. And Miles has such a deep sense of empathy, I couldn't have taught that to him, so all in all, we're really fortunate."