TODAY anchors reveal their weights for #LoveYourSelfie week

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By Scott Stump

As part of the "Love Your Selfie" series on TODAY, the anchors volunteered major information most people keep secret: Their weight. 

Tamron Hall, Savannah Guthrie, Carson Daly and Al Roker gave their numbers in front of a crowd on the plaza that included many TODAY fans holding posters bearing their own weights. According to a TODAY/AOL Body image survey, 73 percent of adults always feel like they could lose weight and 67 percent of adult women worry about their appearance regularly. 

TODAY viewers shared their weights on posters in the plaza.Today

The "Love Your Selfie" series has examined body image and how we can join together to feel more positive about ourselves. All week, the TODAY anchors have spoken candidly about their own body images. 

For the record, Tamron said she weighs 126 pounds, Carson is 210, Al is 187, and Savannah gave a range of "139 to 145, but I'm seven feet tall." (She's actually a towering 5-foot-10). 

Would you dare share your weight with the world?