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TikTok star Charli D'Amelio reveals struggle with eating disorders

The social media star who has over 85 million followers opened up about her struggle with eating disorders.
/ Source: TODAY

TikTok star Charli D'Amelio is opening up about her struggle with multiple eating disorders.

"i've always tried to use my voice when it comes to issues surrounding body image, but I've never talked about my own struggles with eating disorders," the 16-year-old dancer wrote Thursday in a candid message she posted in her Instagram Story.

"It’s so uncomfortable to admit to even your closest friends and family, let alone the world," she continued.

D'Amelio, whose upbeat dance videos have made her the most popular star on TikTok with more than 86 million followers, said although she was "afraid," she decided to reveal her struggle to help others.

"i’ve been afraid to share that I have an eating disorder, but ultimately i hope that by sharing this i can help someone else," she wrote. "I know eating disorders are something that so many other people are also battling behind closed doors."

She also apologized to followers for "unintentionally" playing songs on TikTok that may have contained triggering lyrics, telling them, "I hope you know that I never intended to cause you harm."

D'Amelio concluded her post by her sharing compassion for others who struggle with eating disorders. "for anyone that is struggling with this, i know some days can be worse than others," she wrote before sharing a link to National Eating Disorders Association's website.

"i need you to know you are not alone. remember it's ok to reach out and get help," she added. "we all need help sometimes. i love you all and please stay strong."

D'Amelio previously opened up about her body image issues during a candid video she filmed with her sister Dixie to promote Safer Internet Day in February. During the video, D'Amelio said she's often hurt by comments internet bullies make about her face and body.

"Some of the most hurtful comments that I've read about myself online are, 'She’s fatter than when we got her famous' or 'She’s ugly.' They don't like the way my face looks for some reason. A lot about my body shape, my body type, which hits close to home because I struggle a lot with body image, body dysmorphia, bad eating habits. No one really knows that," the star revealed.

She added, "It hurts for everyone no matter who you are. Getting hundreds of thousands of hate comments per week is a lot to handle."