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Reality star partially blinded after 'unfortunate accident' with champagne cork

Theo Campbell posted updates on his eye's prognosis from the hospital.
Theo Campbell
"Love Island" castmate Kaz Crossley flew to Spain to be by Campbell's side.@theo_campbell91/Instagram
/ Source: TODAY

A fun trip to Ibiza took a tragic turn when British reality TV star Theo Campbell was hit in the eye with a champagne cork.

Campbell reported that his right eye was split in half when it was hit. He told fans that after undergoing two surgeries he has lost all vision in his right eye.

Theo Campbell
The reality star is known for MTV's "The Challenge: War of the Worlds" and "Love Island."PA Images via Getty Images

The 2017 "Love Island" contestant, took to Instagram on Tuesday to share the news and thank his fans for their support during his recovery.

"Thanks for all the messages and support I’ve got over the last couple days they’re all very much appreciated!" said Campbell in his Instagram caption.

In the photo, Campbell is seen in his hospital bed smiling next to his girlfriend, past "Love Island" castmate Kaz Crossley. Crossley flew to Spain to be with her boyfriend after the incident occurred.

Despite the loss, Campbell is remaining positive.

Keeping it lighthearted, Campbell added, "if anyone knows where [they] sells cool eye patches let me know :). #captinhook #thor #fettywap"

Campbell said, "I currently have 7 stitches in my eye (gross) and the doctors say it’s unlikely I’ll see properly again, they done a good job saving it as they said I might loose my whole eye to begin with. But Im hopeful and don’t want to believe my eye is gone forever. Anything is possible."

The reality star also tweeted to thank fans again saying the support he's received has been "100x more then I imagined."

As Campbell recovers, the show he recently filmed with MTV, "The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2" will be airing on Wednesday nights. The show is set to premiere tonight at 9 p.m.