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Help celebrate Hoda's 50th birthday. Tell us about your 'Firsts at 50'

Hoda is turning 50 on Aug. 9! To help celebrate this milestone, we're kicking off a series looking at all the amazing things we do —and explore some of the important issues we deal with —when we turn 50.

Peter Kramer / Today
Hoda's 50th birthday is coming!

We want to hear from you! Tell us if you've done something great to celebrate hitting the milestone of 50, or are planning to. Did you run your first marathon at 50? Start your first business or learn a new language or to how play an instrument? Tell us your stories on Facebook — and we may contact you! To share something great you did in your 50 year, go to "Firsts at 50" on Facebook

Also, if you or anyone you know is turning 50 on August 9th, give us the heads up on Facebook. We may contact you. 

Starting August 4th, we'll be featuring TODAY talent, experts and your stories in our weeklong series "This is 50." Stay tuned.