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Tamron Hall explains how an accessory hurt her ear lobes

A pair of elaborate earrings led Tamron Hall to undergo reconstructive surgery.
/ Source: TODAY

TODAY viewers love Tamron Hall's flair for fashion, from her sky-high heels to impressive accessories.

But a piece of jewelry forced Tamron to undergo an extensive ear repair. She recently discussed how a pair of earrings she wore to the White House Correspondents' Dinner actually ripped her ear lobes.

Below, Tamron shared a photo from the event about three months ago.

"The tear just kept going," she said. "I went to a guy who's known for body modification art because I heard he's the best ear reconstruction person."

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She shared a photo documenting her experience on Instagram:

"He's not a medical doctor, but he is famous for what he does," she elaborated. "He sewed both of my ears back, I had stitches."

Tamron won't be sporting her signature hoops for a few more weeks as her ear lobes heal. In Tamron's world, sometimes fashion is pain.