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The swooniest commercials to sob over on  Valentine's Day

This Valentine's Day, there’s no need to fill up your Netflix queue with chick flicks. There are plenty of swoonworthy commercials sure to fill your romance needs — at less than two minutes a pop.

A beauty of a relationship

This adorable, touching commercial for hair dye — yes, hair dye — that's currently going viral will have you reaching for the tissue box. The spot, for Schwarzkopf Professional, features a man ruminating on the special woman in his life (who, naturally, has fabulous hair): her smile, her eyes, how she laughs at bad jokes, cheats on her diet, likes things neat, but often is messy. He confesses that while she can test his nerves, she still manages to surprise him after so many years, and the kicker? Well, you’ll just have to watch (but we swear; it’s totally worth it). 

Searching for love

If Google’s “Parisian Love” ad, posted to YouTube back in 2009, doesn’t give you a few goosebumps and have you, well, Googling flights to France, your heart could use some serious thawing. Using just search terms and results as images, the 52-second spot (with more than 7.2 million views) follows an American’s love story in the City of Light — and his last search? We dare you to keep that tear drop from spilling.

Feeding your passion

It’s not often that fried chicken gets us in the mood for romance, but this 2011 South African ad for KFC had us claiming we had something in our eye to our co-workers wondering why our cheeks were wet with tears. Shown in reverse time, from old age to childhood, a couple dances to an Ellie Goulding rendition of “Your Song” (curse you, Elton John, that tune gets us every time!). We think you’ll appreciate this, whether you’ve been married for eons or are still in crush-stage. Hankie and pint of Ben & Jerry’s (or bucket of extra crispy wings) required. 

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