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The surprising hand gesture that could help land you a new job or promotion

These tips from body language expert Blanca Cobb will help you communicate confidence without saying a word.
Megyn Kelly TODAY
/ Source: TODAY

We all know the saying: Fake it 'til you make it.

But maybe it’s not the best idea. Because false bravado can come across as arrogance.

Whether you want to ace your next interview, impress a new boss or connect with a group of friends, being aware of the signals your body is sending is the key to getting what you want in life and out of life. Here, Megyn Kelly TODAY tapped body language expert Blanca Cobb to explain how to tip any situation in your favor, without saying a single word.

If you're negotiating for a raise or promotion at work ...

DO NOT fake confidence. If your chin comes up, it can convey arrogance and can turn your boss off.

DO make a hand steeple where your fingers touch in the center. This gesture will make you look mature and reasonable when discussing money or even asking for 30 vacation days instead of 20. It conveys confidence and self-assurance. You should only do this while making an important point.


If you're asking for a better deal or a store discount ...

DO NOT rock back and forth or shift your weight from foot to foot. This could indicate that you may be nervous or unsure, which gives the other person the upper hand.

DO say the other person’s name. People respond positively to hearing their names. And explain that you need help with something.

DO smile! We are attracted to people we like, trust and admire. If you smile at the employee, that may increase your odds of getting what you asked for.


If you're apologizing to a friend ...

DO NOT glare. This can seem as though you’re apologizing because you have to, not because you want to.

DO NOT lean away. We naturally lean towards things we like and push away from things we don't like. You're better off leaning in, directly facing the person and showing with your body that you mean that you're sorry.

DO make sure that you feel it before you show it. Apologies need to come from a genuine place. As we often say: show, don’t tell.

If you're trying to communicate interest while on a date ...

DO NOT give too much eye contact because it can be a little creepy! Dates consist of a lot of listening. When you listen, you tend to give a lot of eye contact, so just — well, keep an eye out for it. A good plan is to look a person in the eye about 60 percent of the time, and look down to break it up.

DO NOT be too serious. While the other person is talking, sometimes you're making a mental list of things you like or dislike about them, and not paying enough attention to your facial expressions. Smile, relax and react!

DO get close — but not too close. Leaning in is a good sign that you, or the other person, is interested to you and paying attention.

DO touch and react. Get a read on how the other person feels by touching the lower part of the person's arm. If they're comfortable maintaining that connection, its a good sign that they like you.