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Superfoods for a healthy family

Trinette Reed/Getty / Today
Superfoods for health and weight loss

Although changing your eating habits to eat better may improve your health, it does not necessarily guarantee weight loss. We know weight loss is tough and a work in progress. That's why we've brought you this list of superfoods that work double duty for good health and weight loss. Look for foods that taste good, have great nutritional content, and keep you feeling filled. Try the following top superfoods:

Dark Green Vegetables
The deeper the color, the more the nutritional content. Called phytochemicals, these plant chemicals have a big impact on all body cells. The fiber and water content of dark green veggies fill you up with fewer calories. But don't just stop with green vegetables. All colorful veggies are a plus for health and weight loss—yellow, orange and even white.

Sure. When it comes to veggies, white is a color. Think cauliflower, onions and garlic—all packed with flavor and phytochemicals.

Deep Purple Berries
Blueberries are always a favorite, but blackberries and raspberries are also great choices. Rich in antioxidants and flavanoids for heart health, berries are high in fiber, and naturally sweet. (Think of them as "nature's candy.") Eat them alone, or added to yogurt, cereals, or other foods where you want to add a little sweetness. At 50 calories a cup, they're satisfying with very little calories.

100-Percent Whole Grains
The key here is "100 percent." We often think starchy carbohydrates are "fattening," but that's really related to those refined, white carbohydrates that don't fill you up until you've eaten a whole loaf of bread!

When you consume 100-percent whole grains, you get a great sense of fullness and all the B vitamins with these fiber-rich choices. Think 100-percent whole grain—oatmeal, whole wheat, quinoa, spelt, flax—for all your choices, including cereals, breads and side dishes. With whole grains, fewer calories provide maximum fullness.


Nuts are a confusing category. Loaded with protein and heart healthy fat, we often think they're a dieter's nightmare. Not true. If you can think in "small handfuls," nuts can be the perfect diet aid. This small amount provides major satisfaction and contentment with about 100 calories (about 10 nuts).

Think almonds, walnuts or filberts. Look for them raw or dry roasted. Avoid sugar coated or caramelized nuts, which add many extra calories. Another good choice are pistachios. A handful of those in the shell make a great snack. Plus, having to "work" to eat, slows down how fast you're eating those nuts. In terms of calories, nuts are a much better choice than peanut butter.

One of nature's perfect foods. Choose low- or nonfat varieties without added fruit, packed with protein (some of the strained Greek-style yogurt have about 20 grams of protein for 100 calories). Calcium rich yogurt is a food you can both eat and use in cooking for better nutrition and in saving calories (use it instead of sour cream). The healthy bacteria are also a major plus for digestive health.

A version of this story originally appeared on iVillage.