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Here's how to stay fit during your Super Bowl party

You've got all of your Super Bowl snacks ready. Now make sure you've got your workout planned too!
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With all the delicious recipes and Super Bowl party tips we've been featuring on TODAY, it can be easy to overeat. Fitness and nutrition expert Joey Thurman is here to make sure you don't get too carried away on the big day.

The author of 365 Health and Fitness Hacks That Could Save Your Life has been in the fitness industry for over 10 years and is the creator of The Lifestyle Renovation. He's helped everyone from celebrities and CEOs to everyday people all over the world change their lives. When he's not helping people achieve their health and fitness goals, Joey is a professional model!

According to estimates people consume over 2,400 calories during the average four hour Super Bowl party. Why not incorporate some calorie burn during the big game?

Working out as a group is a great way to get your exercise in and burn off some of those calories while bonding with your guests. Grab some friends and play along on Super Bowl Sunday with the Today Fantasy Fitness Game!

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Here’s how it works:

Split up in to two teams. Every team member who completes the exercises below will earn their team points. The winning team will earn the title “2017 TODAY Fantasy Fitness Champs!”

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Here's how to do each move:

  1. Air squats: Go down into a squat and hold it like you are sitting in an imaginary chair.
  2. High knees: Run in place and lift your knees as high as you can.
  3. Flex: Pretend you are stage and showing your muscle.
  4. Squat with flag throw: Squat down and reach towards your pocket and “throw” the flag as you come up.
  5. Candlestick dip catches: Stand feet shoulder-width apart and throw your hands up like you are going to catch a ball, bend to the side to “catch” the ball as far as you can and repeat side to side. Do this for each side.
  6. Dead bugs: Lay on your back with hands and legs up. Extend one arm out as the opposite leg extends out, repeat with the other leg/arm. Do this for each side.Squat down and reach towards your pocket and “throw” the flag as you come up.
  7. "It's good" squat jumps: Bring your arms up like the “kick is good,” keep them up while doing jump squats.
  8. "Walk Like An Egyptian" lunges: Walk through the party doing lunges while “walking like an Egyptian” with your hands. Do this for each leg.
  9. Angry lunge attacks: Do a forward lunge and flair your arms outward like you are mad at the call. Feel free to yell at the ref as you do!
  10. Plank flips: Start in a hand plank position and rotate your body all the way around in a 360 degree motion.
  11. Quick feet burpees: Run in place being light on your toes with quick feet and then jump down into a burpee.
  12. Intense "Vogue": Show Madonna who really has it and Vogue like a rock star!
  13. Back lunge front kick: Complete a back lunge and as you come forward kick your opposite leg forward.
  14. Squat push kicks: Do a squat and as you come up kick forward with one leg and repeat on the other side.
  15. Butt kicks: Run in place while kicking your butt with your heels.
  16. Hydrants: Start in a pushup position on your hands and try to bring your right knee to your right elbow, repeat on the other side.

Whether or not you win the title of "2017 TODAY Fantasy Fitness Champ," you're sure to have a guilt-free Super Bowl party after finishing this workout!"

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