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Are you being stashed? How to spot this relationship danger

/ Source: TODAY

Have you ever dated someone for a few months, but wondered why you hadn't met any of his or her friends? Take a deep breath, dear reader ... We have something to tell you.

You might be a victim of the latest dating trend to earn a catchy name: stashing, a term for when someone you're dating refuses to introduce you to anyone he or she is close to, sort of like stashing you in a drawer.

While the term might be new, the practice certainly isn't. Relationship expert Rachel DeAlto told TODAY that it's common when at least one person in the relationship isn't interested in something serious.

"It's typical for people in casual relationships to kind of stash each other away because why integrate something that's not going to be permanent or semi-permanent?" DeAlto asked.

"It's actually happening to one of my clients right now," she added. "She has been dating someone for five months and has literally met no one — no family, no friends."

How do you know if you're being stashed? Not meeting friends and family is one sign, along with a refusal to take photos or connect on social media. If you're looking for something serious, consider those warning signs.

"One of the things that shows the progression in a relationship is meeting people who are significant to you or your partner," DeAlto said. "So if that's not happening, there's probably a reason for that."