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/ Source: TODAY
By Keri Glassman, R.D.

When you're feeling sick, sometimes a warm bowl of your favorite soup is just what the doctor ordered. And if you choose the right kind of soup, it could pack a whole lot of healthy benefits.

Choose the right soup and you'll get a lot more from each spoonful than simply warmth. These five winter soups are deserving of cozy fireside dinners — and full of nutrients.

1. Upgraded chicken soup

Chicken soup has long been touted across many cultures as the cure all for winter colds and viruses. If it’s a stuffy nose you’re suffering from, sipping on chicken soup may be just the thing to help you clear it up. In the recipe above, I've added kale and sweet potatoes to give it even more of an immune-boosting punch. It kinda feels like a big hug from grandma in a bowl, which can make anyone feel better instantly.

2. Mushroom and farro soup

Farro is a nutrient-dense ancient grain that provides you with 15 percent of your recommended daily intake of zinc, an important mineral for fighting off invading bacteria and viruses. Mushrooms also contain vitamin D which is important for keeping your immune system buzzing, making farro and mushroom a duo that was quite possibly made for flu season.

Slow-Cooker Farro Soup

3. Tex-Mex black bean soup

Cold weather usually means hunkering down for the season, which also means, a lot less getting outside and moving, and a lot more time on the couch. But it’s important to keep things moving in, er, other places. This warming, hearty soup provides you with plenty of fiber which will help fill you up and keep you full, while also helping to keep your digestion in check (and moving!).

4. Kale white bean with spicy chorizo

Kale is sometimes hyped as the world's best known superfood, but it didn’t get that rep for no reason. It’s high in vitamin K, vitamin C, vitamin A, fiber and calcium, to name a few nutrients. Pair it with chicken broth (see above for those benefits!), and beta-carotene rich butternut squash and you’ve got a soup that will help keep you going sniffle-free all winter long.

Also, if you are “sick” of kale, simply swap it for broccoli rabe in this recipe.

5. Ginger carrot squash soup

Two of of the main ingredients, butternut squash and carrots, are packed with beta-carotene, which converts to vitamin A in the body. Sip on this regularly because vitamin A is known to help protect you from dry winter skin. Notice the fresh ginger in the list of ingredients? Ginger has long been know to help soothe stomach issues you and has even been shown to help lessen muscle pain.

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