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Slimming sammies! Ab-friendly turkey wrap, chicken salad, tuna melt

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Healthy tips to tone up for summer

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Healthy tips to tone up for summer

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We're in the third month of our "6 Months to a 6-Pack Challenge," and TODAY nutritionist Joy Bauer has been giving you tasty recipes for a chiseled stomach. Try her slimming turkey wrap, fiery chicken salad and open-faced tuna melt. 


Turkey wrap
Spread a 100-calorie whole grain tortilla with 1 tablespoon spicy mustard.

Layer on 4 ounces of turkey breast, plus optional slice of reduced-fat Swiss, 1/2 cup baby spinach leaves and 2 thin slices each of tomato and avocado. 

Roll it up, and enjoy! 375 calories, 30 grams protein. 

Open-faced tuna melt
Drain and mash one 6 ounce can chunk light tuna in water with 2 teaspoons reduced-fat mayonnaise, 2 teaspoons minced onion and ground black pepper to taste. 

Spread over 2 pre-toasted low-calorie whole-wheat slices of bread (no more than 50 calories per slice). 

Top each open half with sliced tomato, onion, and 1/2 ounce slice of reduced-fat cheddar cheese. 

Place under the broiler or warm in an oven pre-heated to 350*F until cheese is hot and bubbly. 325 calories, 43 grams protein. 


Fiery chicken salad
Mix together 5 ounces cooked chicken breast (shredded or canned) 2 teaspoons reduced-fat mayo, 1-2 teaspoons chopped hot peppers (or a few dashes of hot sauce) and 2 teaspoons chopped onion. 

Wrap in large lettuce leaves or serve on low-calorie whole grain bread (no more than 50 calories per slice). 

250 calories, 45 grams protein (with bread: 340 calories, 51 grams protein).

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