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Hailey Bieber shows a ‘pretty bad flare-up’ from perioral dermatitis in new video

Bieber also gave her fans insight into how she cares for her skin.
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Hailey Bieber is giving her fans an unfiltered look at a recent skin flare-up. 

In a TikTok video, Bieber opened up about her struggles with perioral dermatitis, a condition that can cause a rash around the mouth.

The Rhode Skin founder said she was experiencing a “pretty bad flare-up,” and in several clips, she showed off the red spots on her face from various angles.

Hailey Bieber shares a look at a recent flare-up.
Hailey Bieber shares a look at a recent flare-up.TikTok

She said perioral dermatitis is a condition she's struggled with since she was about 19 or 20 years old.

“I know a lot of other people deal with it and struggle with it as well,” Bieber said in a voiceover. “I’m having a pretty bad flare-up right now, so I wanted to share what I use when I’m having a flare-up.”

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, perioral dermatitis can look like red, acne-like breakouts. The rash will often develop around the mouth but can also appear in the area around the eyes and nose, too.

Bieber shared her treatment, which includes a prescription azelaic acid cream at night to help with inflammation. According to Mayo Clinic, azelaic acid can be used to treat mild to moderately inflamed acne, which kills the bacteria that causes the breakout and keeps pores clean.

In the daytime, Bieber said that she uses a clindamycin topical treatment (as opposed to an oral prescription). She also shares that she applies sunscreen as well during the daytime.

Bieber has opened up about her struggle with perioral dermatitis in the past, including a February 2020 interview with Refinery29.

“I never know what triggers it and sometimes I can’t prevent it,” she explained to the outlet. “I have something called perioral dermatitis. I will wake up and have it really bad around my mouth and under my eyes.”

She said that her career as a model has caused issues for her condition, adding, “I have used something new on set before and I go home and have a rash under my eyes.”

At the time, to avoid experiencing a flare-up, Bieber shared some of her preventative tips including removing certain ingredients from her skincare and makeup routines. She also revealed some of her triggers, which included makeup and laundry detergent.