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Sheinelle Jones shows off a vocal cord exercise as her son says she's 'doing fine'

Sheinelle's son Kayin, 10, gave an update on her recovery from vocal cord surgery as she demonstrated the straw exercise she's being doing to heal.
/ Source: TODAY

Sheinelle Jones used an adorable spokesman to provide an update on her recovery as she demonstrated an exercise she's using to heal from vocal cord surgery.

Sheinelle's son Kayin, 10, let everyone know how the co-host of the 3rd hour of TODAY was doing since she underwent surgery on Feb. 24 to remove a lesion from one of her vocal cords.

"Hey guys, it's Kayin here, and to give you an update, my mom's doing fine,'' he said in a video on TODAY Wednesday. "She's doing straw exercises like this."

Sheinelle, who is under doctor's orders not to talk for two weeks, demonstrated blowing into a straw in a glass of water. Blowing into a straw in glass of liquid helps strengthen the voice by stretching the vocal cords, according to The National Center for Voice & Speech.

Sheinelle appears to be doing great during her six-week recovery as she does her exercises, follows her doctor's orders and lets her kids do the talking.

"Everything's been going well so far, except she has to use note cards to say what she's thinking and all that," Kayin said. "Thanks for taking the time out of your day to watch. Have a good day."

It was the latest update from Sheinelle's three children with husband Uche Ojeh. Their 7-year-old twins, Clara and Uche, filled everyone in on Sheinelle's progress on Monday.

"Hey everybody, I just want to let you know that my mom is doing fine," Uche said in a video Sheinelle posted on Instagram.

"We're playing games and writing notes," Clara added.

Her children have taken over for Sheinelle's cue card method, which she used last week to send a video message to the TODAY team and her Instagram followers.

"Hi everybody! Just checking in," her first card read. "I really miss my TODAY show buddies. I'm doing well, reading books & magazines."

"Not talking stinks," the next card read.

"But, I'm managing and making the best of it," she added. "Thanks for all of the comments & well wishes! Love you."