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Sheinelle Jones checks in from home — and she's talking again after vocal surgery!

It's great to hear from you, Sheinelle!
/ Source: TODAY

She's sounding great!

Sheinelle Jones shared a video update from home and revealed she is talking again after her vocal cord surgery last month.

The co-host of the 3rd hour of TODAY underwent the surgery to remove a lesion from her vocal cord, and she wasn’t allowed to talk for a few weeks after the procedure.

But now, her voice is starting to come back, and she sounded upbeat during her latest video message.

“Hi everybody, guess what? I’m doing just fine!” she said.

Sheinelle's daughter, Clara, chimed in during her video update.
Sheinelle's daughter, Clara, chimed in during her video update.Sheinelle Jones

She added that she is easing back into things by doing 30 minutes of talking, and then 30 minutes of not talking.

“But I am on my way to talking so much, you’re just going to be tired of hearing me talking!” she said.

During the first few weeks of her recovery, Sheinelle found creative, non-verbal ways to communicate, even checking in with her fans on Instagram using cue cards.

Her son Kayin, 10, also served as an adorable spokesman for his mom.

Now, like many families, Sheinelle and her husband, Uche Ojeh, and their three kids, Kayin and 7-year-old twins Clara and Uche, are hunkered down at home during the coronavirus pandemic.

Sheinelle opened up about the joys of spending this unexpected extra time with her little ones.

“Everything is OK. The kids are everywhere, as you can see, on my hip. But you know what, I see the grace in that, that I’ve been able to have time with these kids,” she said.

She also sent her love to her fellow TODAY hosts, and anyone struggling during these challenging times.

“I miss you guys. My heart and my prayers are with all those who have been affected with this virus,” she said. “It is a mess, but if anything, I just want to be there, be part of the conversation. So, miss you guys, love you guys, and I will see you soon.”