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Shannen Doherty pays tribute to husband Kurt Iswarienko: 'I'm a lucky girl'

The actress is letting the world know how grateful she is to her husband for being by her side as she battles breast cancer.
/ Source: TODAY

Shannen Doherty is letting the world know how grateful she is to her husband, photographer Kurt Iswarienko, for being by her side as she battles breast cancer.

The former "Beverly Hills, 90210" and "Charmed" star shared seven days of Instagram photos of herself and Iswarienko as part of a social media challenge called Love Your Spouse.

"I love my spouse every day so no challenge there," Doherty captioned her final photo in the series, which showed the actress with her head bald from chemotherapy treatments.

"The real challenge was choosing what pictures to post that would convey that love to all of you," she continued. "Sure, I love our wedding pictures and pictures of me with hair and eyelashes and eyebrows but my favorite pictures are of us now."

"Now," she wrote, "is the challenge."

"It's challenging to love thru grief, sickness, an uncertain future. It's hard to feel sexy and beautiful when going thru chemo and therefore it's challenging to allow one to love you," wrote Doherty. "I imagine my husband has faced challenges during this time with me and yet here we are...stronger than ever."

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Doherty thanked her close friend, actress Sarah Michelle Gellar, for inspiring her to participate in the challenge, and thanked her fans, too. "I'm a lucky girl," she wrote.

Just the day before, Doherty shared another recent photo of herself and Iswarienko.

She also shared a photo from the couple's honeymoon in South Africa.

And a sexy photo of the duo kissing.

Doherty kicked off the project with a glamorous photo from the couple's 2011 wedding day.

On that day, she and Iswarienko "committed for better or worse, in sickness or in health to love and cherish one another," she wrote. "Those vows have never meant more than they do now."